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Burnout - Depression Curse or Blessing

Burnout – Depression

Curse or Blessing

Looking for my life intent - WHY CHOOSE THIS BOOK?

Burnout - Depressionen - Fluch oder Segen - Auf der Suche nach meinem LebenThe book, you are holding in your hands right now, is not about giving advice. It is not my intention to tell anyone what to do and what not to do. It is up to you to decide what to get out of this book. All I want is to offer you my life experience. To tell you what I went through. I, to whom sports have been a cornerstone of my life ever since childhood. I, who has always taken care of himself. I, who has always thought: “I am fit! I am in such a great shape, mentally and physically! Nothing could ever happen to me! If worse comes to worst unlikely as it may be, a brick might fall on my head, or I might get hit by a car”.
A stroke at 25, a pulmonary embolism at 35, and burnout by the age of 45 was something I did not see coming!
But it is these blows of fate that make up my life story, the story that I would like to tell you. And I believe that these are the things that make my story stand out because I have gone through all this, suffered through every painful second and even looked death in the eye, myself! And I am convinced that this is an extraordinary story!

I wanted to write this book about my experiences and about dealing with burnout and depression,
  • because I believe that many people will recognise their own experiences in mine!
  • because I believe that there are already too many people out there who suffer from burnout and depression!
  • because I believe that many people will be able to get something out of this book!
  • because I believe that this way I can be more of help to people than a few supportive words and gestures!
  • because I believe that people can profit from my experience!
  • because I believe in this book and its ability to help people!

And there is one more thing that I want to add at this point: It doesn’t matter what job you had before your burnout, before your depression! It doesn’t matter if you were a doctor, a housewife, an entrepreneur, a nurse, a lawyer, an office clerk, a teacher, a factory worker, a plastic surgeon or a manager. The fact is:


  • NO ONE is safe from burnout and depression!
  • It gets the IDEALISTS!
  • It gets those who get involved!
  • People who always give EVERYTHING!

    It happens to:
  • People you can always rely on!
  • People who cannot say NO!
  • People who think of others first, who care for others and are there for them!
  • People you can trust blindly!
  • People who should get a medal or an award!

They are the ones who are susceptible to burnout and depression! Decent people! People with character! Role models! And one more important thing:

NO ONE, absolutely no one, should feel ashamed of suffering

from burnout or depression!

NO ONE should be ashamed!

NO ONE should!

No one absolutely

But I know that many people do!

But it shouldn’t be like that!

And it mustn’t be!

It must never be like that!



And that is why I wrote this book! So it will never be like that and it will never come to it again! Never again!

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