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Burnout - Depression Curse or Blessing

Nutrients and Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is not caused by too much salt nor is it genetic. High blood pressure is caused by a deficiency of one single nutrient – a deficiency of calcium. 

Result of a scientific study:

5.000 people suffering from high blood pressure were put on a low-salt diet – and all of them died!! A second attempt was made - again with 5.000 people suffering from high blood pressure. This time they received twice the recommended amount of calcium (1700 -2500 mg per day). The study was stopped after 6 weeks because over 85 % of the people in the study didn’t have high blood pressure any more.

Sources: Dr. Joel D. Wallach, Dr. Jackson Stockwell, doctor and head of a cancer clinic in Salt Lake City.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you would like to hear more about this subject, have any further questions or if you should be interested in any literature regarding this subject.

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