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Burnout - Depression Curse or Blessing

Nutrients and Different Findings

Inflammations in the corners of the mouth show a deficiency of zinc and vitamin B2.

Rough and dry skin shows that our body needs copper, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

If the area around the eyes shows a colouring in the range of red, green and brown, this could be signs of an approaching heart attack. This kind of colouring points to a deficiency of selenium.

Widespread blood vessels in the face point to a deficiency of copper.

SCURVY: can be prevented and healed with VITAMIN C!
RACHITIS: can be prevented and healed with VITAMIN D and VITAMIN C!
STRUMA: can be prevented and healed with JOD, COPPER and SELENIUM!
ANEMIA: can be prevented and healed with IRON, COPPER, FOLIC ACID and VITAMIN B 12!


Why Nutritional Supplements?

Because of the extreme loss of nutrients in our land since 1980 - Europe: -72% Africa: -73% Australia: -70% USA: -85% - and simultaneously the high loss of vital substances in our food!

Loss of vital substances since 1980
Spinach Magnesium -68% Beans Calcium -38%
  Vitamin B6 -59%   Folic Acid -12%
  Vitamin C -58%   Magnesium -25%
        Vitamin B6 -61%
Apple Vitamin C -70% Potatoes Calcium -70%
        Magnesium -33%
Strawberry Vitamin C -67% Carrots Calcium -25%
        Magnesium -57%
Banana Calcium -34%   Calcium -58%
  Folic Acid -84%   Folic Acid -52%
  Magnesium -35%   Magnesium -35%
  Vitamin B6 -80%      

Sources: Institute for Environmental Medicine in Rostock

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