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Burnout - Depression Curse or Blessing

Experiences with Burnout in the Workplace

Every BURNOUT and every DEPRESSION is not only a HUMAN catastrophe, but an ECONOMICAL one as well.

When EMPLOYEES are absent due to burnout and depression, the company loses the whole life experience of these employees as well as their CONSTANT initiative, motivation and loyalty to the company. The heads of management should ask themselves where they are going to find equivalent replacements in a short amount of time, who will have the same abilities and competences and who will fit in with their teams and whom they can trust immediately. How much time and money will it cost the heads of management to train and educate new employees until they are able to perform the same amount and quality of work. They should also ask themselves how long these employees had been suffering from symptoms of burnout and depression. A time in which it went unnoticed that they were not able to perform their usual amount and quality of work. It goes unnoticed, because these employees hide their symptoms of burnout and depression, because they are ashamed and afraid. When they finally do go on sick leave then it is not just for 2 or 3 weeks, but for many months, even years. I am talking about early retirements and disability pensions. As you can see, every burnout and every depression costs management a lot of TIME, MONEY and ENERGY. Time, money and energy that management could really use in different areas and where it would be of much better use to them.

Information for the corporate management and top management

Your Best Employees

Your best employees are the ones that are in danger of suffering from burnout and depression. They are the ones that see the work that has to be done without having to be told. Not only do they see the work, they are also the ones that plunge into work without having to be told. They are the employees you do not need to permanently tell what they should and should not do. These are the employees that view the company as their own and act accordingly. They are your best employees, please don’t ever forget that.

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